Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral Fan Club

Discover Kansas City’s Historic Episcopal Community

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral is a symbol of faith, history, and community in the Quality Hill neighborhood of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. As the central parish of The Diocese of West Missouri, this iconic cathedral has welcomed individuals for generations, embracing all with Christ’s redeeming love. We hope to give back to our wonderful church in some small way.

Historical Significance

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, established in 1870, has a rich history. Originally named Saint Paul’s Church, it was later renamed Grace Church in 1873. The cathedral’s current stone structure, designed by Frederick Elmer Hill, began construction in 1893 and was completed in 1894. The style is transitional Norman Gothic, featuring stunning stained glass windows and a unique architectural design influenced by English cathedrals.

Architectural Marvels at the Kansas City Church

The Nave of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral is a testament to architectural brilliance. It measures 138 feet in length and 60 feet in width and has a 75-foot-high roof. The cathedral houses some of the neatest stained glass windows in the United States, including works by Otto Heinigke, Frederick Stymetz Lamb, and Tiffany Studios. The church in the morning sun is a sight to behold. 

Recently, the church has stepped into the modern age with two vivid digital church signs, capturing attention and delivering messages of hope to the surrounding community. 

Spaces Available for Events

  • Founders’ Hall: Seats up to 225.
  • Nave: Seats up to 550.
  • Haden Hall: Seats 125.
  • Common Room: Seats 50.
  • Multipurpose Room: Seats 50.
  • Cathedral Café: Seats 40-50.